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What is maple water not?

Maple water is not syrup.
Maple water is not sticky.

Maple water is not thick.
Maple water is not gold-colored.
Maple water is not manufactured.
Maple water is not concocted.

But is maple water simply water mixed with maple syrup?

No. Drink Simple is pure maple sap tapped directly from maple trees. You are drinking what comes naturally out of the tree. We add nothing to it.

So if it’s sap, is it sticky?

No, not sticky at all. Pine sap is the sticky stuff.  The sap from maple trees is pure, clear water.

Is there any gluten, dairy or GMO ingredients in maple?

No. Drink Simple is gluten-free, dairy-free and is free of genetically modified ingredients.

Is Drink Simple organic and Kosher? 

Yes, Drink Simple is certified organic and certified Kosher.

So what exactly does maple water taste like?

Drink Simple has the refreshing taste of pure water, with a hint of maple flavor.

Then, is maple water just the water discarded after the syrup-making process?

No again. Unfortunately, some companies actually bottle the water produced as a byproduct of the syrup-making process. But our Drink Simple is the sap tapped directly from maple trees.


Is Drink Simple raw?

No. We treat the sap to sterilize the product and kill off the yeast and pathogens present in raw maple water. But don’t worry about losing anything good. Your body will be pleased to know that our method allows all the minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants in Drink Simple to remain.