Why Maple Water?

What is Maple Water?

Maple water is pure sap from the maple trees. It's a common misconception that all sap is sticky. Maple sap actually looks and feels just like regular water. The main difference is that maple water goes through a natural process that infuses it with plant-powered nutrients.

How is Maple Water Made?

Maple water is the pure sap in the maple tree. It is created by water flowing up from the ground and absorbing rich nutrients through the soil and roots. With the combination of photosynthesis and nutrients, sap is created and stored in the tree.

In the spring time, when the temperatures are warm during the day, the sap begins to flow and deliver nutrients to the tree to grow leaves. This is when we tap the trees to collect the maple water. 

What naturally fuels the trees, can fuel you too.

No Trees Are Harmed in the Making of Maple Water.

Oh, and did we mention it's totally harmless to the trees? It actually encourages responsible forestry and can help incentivize landowners to keep healthy forests on their lands! Maple syrup requires 40 gallons of sap to create 1 gallon of syrup, with our maple water 1 gallon of sap produces 1 gallon of maple water so a farmers harvest can have a much more significant economic impact for their operation.

So Why Should You Drink Maple Water?

People who drink maple water benefit from phytonutrients and super hydrating benefits, while enjoying a slightly sweet, faintly woodsy taste. You can read about the Top Ten Benefits of Maple Water here.


A study done by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Tokushima Bunri University showed that the polyphenols and antioxidants present in maple water (and to be noted that are not found in maple syrup) have an antioxidant and phenolic activity to help with the prevention of aging.

Boosts Aerobic Athletic Performance

A study done by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette showed that people were able to consume more oxygen during exercise after consuming Maple Water. Maple Water is an excellent choice for anyone set to engage in more extended duration exercise as the study showed that maple water boosts aerobic performance in the form of VO2 Max.

More Hydrating Than Water

The University of Northern Texas found that maple water hydrates at double the speed as regular water.

Hangover Helper

A study in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine found that drinking maple water before alcohol can boost the rate at which alcohol is metabolized in the body. Therefore, this could potentially reduce, or lessen the severity of a hangover.