12 oz. Orange Cream Sparkling Maple Water - 12 Pack

$25.99 $32.99

Drink Simple Sparkling Maple Water is delightfully refreshing, plant-powered nutrient-packed, tree-based hydration with naturally occurring electrolytes, prebiotics, and no added sugar or weird sweeteners.

We were inspired to create this flavor that reminds us of our favorite nostalgic summer ice cream treat. With the perfect blend of orange and vanilla, this will bring you back to hot summer days chasing the ice cream truck. But this version of refreshment is full of plant-powered nutrients and has no added sugar or sweeteners (or any ice cream)!

  • Plant-Powered Nutrients: Antioxidants and electrolytes straight from the tree

  • No added sugar or sweeteners: No stevia, no monkfruit, no erythritol 

  • GMO, gluten, and dairy-free

  • No cream, it is just the name of the flavor!