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Why Maple Water?

Maple water is the ultra-hydrating plant-powered water that comes from trees. It is nature's natural hydration that helps you feel your best and thrive naturally.

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Our Story

Meet the two Ironman triathletes that were transformed by their first sip and inspired to bottle this ultra-hydrating and delicious water tapped from maple trees.

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  • "Hate Water, but LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

    Nothing better. So hydrating and sooooooo tasty. I hate water and don't drink it. I drink this constantly. Soft water with the tiniest hint of mild sweetness. You'll love it!"



    This is seriously the most hydrating drink on the planet. Can't get enough of it. Worth EVERY penny and then some. You'll never want to run out! Good for workouts, hiking, gaming, commuting... literally anything. Americans are chronically deydrated - don't be one of them!"

    -Sarah H.

  • "Best Drink... Ever.

    I started out with Gatorade, then coconut water, but the taste was not satisfactory. I was also conscious about my sugar intake. Maple water tastes the best has lower sugar content, and is amazingly nutritious. Summers in Florida are brutal and doing outside activities really leaves you dehyrated. Maple water is my go-to recovery drink post workouts, yard work and alcohol consumption."

    -Eddie A.