Drink Simple Maple Water & Ben Tuff

Drink Simple Athlete Highlight: Ben Tuff



You’ve probably heard of a marathon…but have you ever heard of anyone swimming marathon (or near marathon) distances?

Drink Simple athlete Ben Tuff is doing it.

On July 22nd, 2022, Ben will swim 25 miles from Providence to Newport, Rhode Island in an endurance effort to raise money for Clean Ocean Access.

Ben’s no stranger to long distance swimming. In 2019, Ben swam 23 miles (without a wetsuit!), raising over $54,000 for Clean Ocean Access. And in 2021, Ben swam the 19 mile distance from Block Island, RI to Jamestown, RI — and was the first person ever to do so.

Fighting to protect our oceans is something that is clearly important to Ben. These swims aren’t just impressive feats; they’re also key fundraising pushes for a worthy cause. “We can’t sit back and think our oceans will heal on their own. Clean Ocean Access works day in and day out to eliminate marine debris, improve water quality and protect and preserve shoreline access. Their work must advance, so I’m helping to make that happen.”

And what does this training look like?

Well, it’s 2 hours a day for starters. Ben hydrates with Drink Simple during these long training swims, saying, “Drink Simple is a natural electrolyte and it tastes a lot better than an artificial one.”

During the course of the swim, Ben relies on Drink Simple as well. When interviewed for a local radio station, Ben says, “I actually drink a product called Drink Simple, which is pure sap water from maple trees before it gets broken down into maple syrup…and for me, that’s what I look forward to every hour because it gets me through.”

We’re donating $1 for each case sold on our website from 7/17-7/23 to Clean Ocean Access in support of Ben Tuff's marathon swim. If you want to donate, head here.


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