New Year Goal Setting

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Welcome to the DRINKmaple blog! At DRINKmaple, we are a small, but mighty team who are dedicated to innovating in the beverage space to bring healthful hydration to all of you. Thanks for reading!

What I love about starting a new year is the natural time that most people take to reflect on the year that just took place. It instills a renewed sense of hope that the upcoming year will be better. How do we better ourselves, how do we reach our goals and how do we become the person we want to be as we embark on the new year.

Some people hate resolutions. The sad reality is that most resolutions are abandoned only several weeks into the year. But I love that the new year creates this inspiration for goal setting. I love writing out my goals for the year. Some are extremely lofty because if I am achieving everything I set, I am not shooting high enough.

I am naturally drawn to people who set high goals for themselves. I connect the most with these types of people who refuse to settle for mediocrity in their life.

What I love most about our team at DRINKmaple are that every single one of us is a badass goal digger. Though we are a beverage company, former beverage experience is trumped by a desire to strive to be better in all aspects of our lives.

So here’s to a year of not settling for mediocrity and kicking some major ass in whatever you set out to do. Wishing you all a healthy, happy and very hydrated 2017.

– Kate

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