Q&A with Triathlete & Cookbook Author Jesse Kropelnicki

Q&A with Triathlete & Cookbook Author Jesse Kropelnicki

In this post, we have the privilege of interviewing Jesse Kropelnicki, founder of The Core Diet and QT2 Systems triathlon training team and author of newly launched The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook.

As longtime team members of QT2 Systems, we have the utmost respect of the community Jesse has built, the goals he has helped us achieve, and his ongoing support of DRINKmaple. In light of the launch of his premier cookbook, Jesse dishes with us on the inspiration behind the book, the important role nutrition plays in training, and time-saving shortcuts for any home cook.

What made you decide to write a cookbook?

I’ve always wanted to write a book to get all of the Core Diet concepts in one place! When Random House contacted me a couple of years ago, it was a no brainer. YES!

In your opinion, why is fueling just as important as training?  

This is simple…the number one limiter for many endurance athletes is the ability to handle what their body requires. All the training in the world can’t get you past that limiter. The trouble is that all the sacrifices athletes make come in the form of training. It’s a disgrace to see something they have total control over limit their performance!

The book talks about the different phases of training and racing and how they require different combinations of nutrients. Can you elaborate? 

Generally, when you have higher training volume and higher training stress, your body requires more carbohydrates. In other phases of training, when there is less training stress, the body requires much less carbohydrates. The concepts of the Core Diet and the concepts outlined in the book make it easy for athletes to make these adjustments in real time.

What’s your go-to race day breakfast? What about the night before?

The race day breakfast is the same for almost everyone! Unsweetened applesauce, 1 bottle of sports drink, a banana, and a scoop of whey protein. We just adjust the amount of applesauce based on how much carbohydrate a particular athlete needs.

This book is intended for runners and triathletes, but will others find the recipes and tips beneficial?  

Absolutely. The concepts and recipes apply to everyone! The best thing is the approach adjusts itself.

What are your tips on time-saving in the kitchen? Any shortcuts?

Consider preparing things ahead of time. For items that need to be chopped, chop ahead of time and package them, or buy them already chopped. Another favorite of mine for smoothies: always use frozen fruit instead of ice…no reason to dilute your smoothie! Or, consider using maple water cubes that provide their own flavor and nutrients!

What is your favorite recipe in the book? 

That’s a tough one! There are so many great recipes in there. I’ll have to go with the Turkey Chili…we make it in my house all the time!

The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook is available now on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Jesse Kropelnicki is a veteran professional triathlon coach and the founder of QT2 Systems brand of endurance sports preparation businesses, which includes QT2 Systems, the Core Diet, OutRival Racing, and the Run Formula. His roster of clients includes IRONMAN champions and past USAT national team athletes. He lives with his wife and their two kids in Scituate, Massachusetts.

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